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  • Event Terms & Conditions

    Non-Compete Clause for Vendors

    1. Purpose:

    The Crawdad Festival enforces a non-compete clause for vendors participating in events similar to the Crawdad Festival, including those with identical or similar names, descriptions, and dates, within a 150-mile radius. This clause applies 30 days prior to and 30 days post the Crawdad Festival event dates.


    2. Scope:

    This clause applies to all vendors participating in theCrawdad Festival.


    3. Restrictions:

    Vendors are prohibited from participating in or promoting events that closely resemble the Crawdad Festival, including those with similar names, descriptions, or dates, within a 150-mile radius, 30 days prior to and 30 days post the Crawdad Festival event dates.


    4. Rationale:

    Marketing or promoting similar events poses a direct conflict of interest and may cause confusion among festival participants. Enforcing this clause helps to maintain the unique identity and integrity of the Crawdad Festival.


    5. Enforcement:

    Violation of this non-compete clause may result intermination of vendor participation in the Crawdad Festival and pursuit of
    legal remedies as deemed necessary.


    6. Acknowledgment:

    By participating in the Crawdad Festival as a vendor,individuals and entities acknowledge their understanding of and agreement to abide by the terms of this non-compete clause.


    7. Contact Information:

    For questions or concerns regarding this non-compete clause,vendors should contact the organizers of the Crawdad Festival.


    The Crawdad Festival reserves the right to modify,interpret, or enforce this non-compete clause at its discretion.


    Terms and Conditions:

    Each item listed must have retail prices and cannot sell glass containers. SELLING OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IS PROHIBITED. The Crawdad Festival, LLC reserves the right to prohibit the sale or rental of any item of merchandise or FOOD. Carbonated drinks and water are prohibited for sale without the consent of The Crawdad Festival. These items must have prior approval from festival organizers and must be PepsiCo products.


    The undersigned agrees to abide by the official rules of The Crawdad Festival, LLC to staff their booth during all festival hours, adhere to the retail prices listed above, to not drive vehicles on fairgrounds during festival hours, adhere to all electrical, fire, health and other codes whether local, county, state or federal, and to clean their booth space. If booth space if left vacant without prior permission of the festival organizers, vendor is subject to a $50 per day fine and/or having the space resold to another vendor.


    There is overnight security, however The Crawdad Festival,LLC is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials/items/personal property left overnight.


    You may not bring alcohol into the festival site. However, alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase onsite for consumption though you may not take alcohol outside of the festival area.


    All gambing and and illegal activity is strictly prohibited.


    Each vendor is responsible for the management of their waste disposal to designated roll-offs onsite for the event. Disposal of trash into waste receptacles (trash cans) is prohibited.


    Vendors will be provided designated parking at CalExpo. Vendor parking is available at a discounted rate of $10 per vehicle per day. Parking in the event parking designated areas or areas which specify No Parking is prohibited.


    Sub-leasing/Booth sharing: All vendors are strictly prohibited from sub-leasing. assigning or appropriating the whole or any part of their contracted space to any other business or individual without prior approval from the festival organizers.


    Payment Terms:

    If you are approved you must submit 50% of your vendor fee upon approval in order to secure your space. You can pay via Credit Card, Zelle or by Check. If paying by check, your check must be received within 7 days of your registration approval. The remaining balance of your vendor fee, your Certificate of Insurance and a copy of your Permit is due March 31, 2024. If you do not have a food vendor permit, you will be provided a Sacramento County Health form for a Temporary Food Facility Permit (TFF) to complete and send back to the event coordinator by March 31, 2024. You are responsible for this additional fee and it must be included in your vendor fee. Vendor fees that are not paid in full by the deadline may not be provided a designated space and any vendor fees paid including deposits will be forfeited.


    Event Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellations will forfeit a 50% deposit. Cancellations must be made by writing to jami@thecrawdadfestival.com. Refunds for cancellations will be provided as noted below:


    - Full refund (less 50% deposit) if cancelled before April12, 2024

    - 50% refund of remaining balance (less 50% deposit) ifcancelled between April 13, 2024 - May 1, 2024

    - No refund if cancelled after May 1, 2024



    The Crawdad Festival reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for non-compliance with the terms and conditions. By completing this registration, you agree to the terms and conditions.